Besides our amibitions on the basketball court we are also active off the court as one of our goals is to be a socially responsible organization. For us it is important in what kind of environment our players, fans and supporters are living.

Our off-court initiatives:

- J.Kisiels stipendy that is given to those who help to improve basketball reputation

- VEF donor day, that occurs every August

- Re&Re basketball breakfast - discussions about hottest topics in basketball

- participation of LNT's "Labestības diena" (Charity Day);

- releasing books about Latvian basketball (”VEFIŅŠ. 50 gadu 50 stāstos” &  “Trīspunktnieks pa stīpu”);

- popularization of legendary VEF team (game in retro uniforms in honor of VEF's 50th anniversary);

- financing basketball TV shows

- campaign for Latvian U19 basketball team

- cooperation with youth movement Ghetto Basket;

- support for student basketball tournament "Aprīļa trakums“;

- VEF Rīga's school superleague, a high-school basketball tournament

- 24hour basketball game that is played during Rīga City Festival in mid-August

- Playing home games in those places in Latvia, where they have good infrastructure, but doesn't have their own team