Do all black people act the way they are shown in movies?

Hello again!  It’s me, Alex Renfroe, stopping by to update everyone on how life in Latvia is going!  I have been here for about a month and a half now.  Things are going pretty good.  The team is 2-1 in exhibition games so far.  We are starting to gel and figure out how each other play so things should really start to come together soon.  We also are getting closer off of the court!  We all seem to be pretty good friends and we like to joke and play around a lot.  A big joke that the team makes is about how me and my Russian teammate, Ivan, communicate.  I know no Latvian or Russian besides a couple small words and he does not too much English!  So how do we communicate???  Well…if we talk on Skype we will use online translators and any of the smileys that Skype has to offer to get our points across.  But in person we use a lot of body language and hand signs.  :)  So my teammates always laugh when they see us communicating!  We all share great times together in the locker room and on the bus when we are traveling.

But life in Latvia is going pretty well so far.  I am starting to experience new things as I step away from the many American ways I am used to.  I try many different foods throughout the week and many of them I love eating.  So…McDonalds has not seen me as much as they usually do.  Haha.

The season is right around the corner!  We are sooo close to our first official game.  I am starting to get nervous but I have been waiting for this moment since I signed my contract to play for VEF Riga.  I am also very excited!!  I think we are all ready and excited for the start of the season so we can see how we measure up to other teams.  I have been playing ok.  My minor injuries are starting to go away and I believe that my health is better than it has ever been since I have been here in Riga.  So I am expecting big things out of myself.  But…I still have a lot to learn about European basketball.  It is so much different from basketball at home.  A different style of basketball.  But I learn new things every day.  So everybody be prepared to come to our first home game on October 9th!

Since so many of my new friends in Latvia ask me questions about America and my culture, I think every blog I will talk about a question that I was asked by one of my friends and feel free to join in with commentary or ask me a question if you would like!  So here is the question…

Question: Do all black people act the way they are shown in movies?

Answer:  In the movies, black people are always shown as ignorant, poor, loud and very rude and uncivilized people.  One of the many stereotypes that are associated with black people is that we kill people and steal from people.  But…This is just a stereotype.  Of course there are some black people that fit this stereotype just as there are some people of other races and ethnicities that also fit this stereotype.  I believe that black people are very friendly and caring people.  We are usually very family oriented and stay close to our families.  But we are loving people.  So if you ever see a black person walking in the streets…do not be afraid to speak to them.  Because usually when we are shown respect, respect is given back!  For the most part at least!

*But I really believe that we (all people living on Earth) too many times group people by their colors or ethnicities when we all are the same once the layer of skin is taken off.  Black people, White people, Red people, Blue people…It does not matter the color…But instead it matters what in the HEART!!  We should all take the time to get to know one another before we judge based on color or ethnicity!  J

But once again…I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my blog!  And I wanted to give a shout out to my loved ones at home! And the people that send me encouraging messages everyday!  I love you all.  And I will check back next week and let everyone know how the 1st game went!

Feel free to comment or ask me a question



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